Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To disregard SEO while hoping to show up in the top results of Google is like getting a second dessert and swearing you'll start the gym tomorrow. 

Competitive environment analysis

Website audit

On-site SEO

Growth strategy

To optimize your website's traffic and your paid advertising's results, SEO is crucial. A competitive environment analysis includes a thorough keyword research and identifying new opportunities.


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Paid advertising / SEA

Time to show off

Search engine advertising

Social medias advertising

Custom made 


Search engines and social medias allow you to reach both sales and hiring objectives. By establishing a clever marketing campaign, you'll obtain both better results and ROI.


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Reports and support

Vulgarization, yes please

Monthly reporting of SEO and SEA developments

Tailored formations

Consulting and strategic planification

Follow ups and strategic meetings is the groundwork to maintain a healthy relationship. Depending on the needs of your company, Sobriquet offers personalized formations to give you as much autonomy as you need.


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